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7 Locks Refresh

2017 brings time for a refresh.

A lot was fit into 2016 –
We celebrated our 1-year anniversary just one month ago
Over the 365-day span, we brewed 22 distinct beer styles.
Our outbound sales accounts grew from 0 to over 100.
And in the tap room we Introduced great events throughout the year from our inaugural outdoor Oktoberfest to weekly live music from talented original musicians from across the DMV.

So what’s up for 2017? We feel like we’ve got our legs underneath us, and have a good sense for our upward trend of organic growth as we further extend our sales and offerings. And, a significant aspect to growth requires packaging – so this is in our near-term planning for the coming year.
To start, we need a bit of a refresh.. something that better personifies our business of focusing the complex flavors of beer through the creativity of brewing simple ingredients. Our brand needs to show this – eye-catching, and complex, while at the same time simple and to the point.
This Saturday, 1/7/17, we’ll be releasing our new logo.
Here’s a sneak peak of what to (and not to) expect… This was round 1 of filtering down our logo to the eventual final result.

Join us for the unveiling between 5-7:30. $10 will get you a limited edition pint glass to take home, and a pour of your favorite 7 Locks beer. There will also be opportunities to win a new shirt, 32 or 64-oz growler, or gift card for a future visit to the tap room. Food Truck: The Rolling Brick. Be sure to stick around for live music from Justin Trawick and the Common Good, starting at 7:30.

Cheers to 2017!


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One Response to “7 Locks Refresh”

    • Chris

    • January 2, 2017 at 8:17 pm

    Congrats on being one year in our neighborhood now! And I love it that you’re featuring some local bands.

    If you’re looking for some more suggestions, here’s my top issue:
    Can you put some carpeting on the walls where we’re sitting, and even some carpeting on the floor in that area? The room is so very echo-y, when the music is playing, it just bounces off the walls. The volume and the concrete echo makes my ears bleed. And I like to come for the bands.

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