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— Currently On Tap —

Wilkins Honey Ale • Terra Mater Saison • Owen’s Ordinary Pale Ale • Redland Lager • Surrender Dorothy RyePA • Devil’s Alley IPA • Erin Go Brew Irish Red • Barrel Aged Belgian Dubbel • Vanilla Imperial Stout • Bourbon Barrel Stout

Bring some friends for a pint or sample 5 in a flight. Or grab a 32 or 64 ounce growler to take home with you!

— Upcoming Brews —

Snakeden Saison • Session IPA • Hefeweizen


Surrender Dorothy Rye`PA

Medium bodied, red colored beer. Resinous hop aroma and flavor combined with the slight spice imparted by the rye make for a unique take on a hoppy beer. The result is a well balanced Rye Pale Ale. This is for hopheads and fans of bold beers.
ABV:6.4% IBU:60

Devil’s Alley IPA

Our core IPA is a generously hopped, highly aromatic dry IPA. Notes of citrus, pine and hints of pepper are present as well as a bitterness to compliment the full aroma.
ABV:7.0% IBU:65

Redland Lager

The Red Lager-a perfectly smooth beer to welcome the coming of spring. A slightly earthy malt combined with a slight floral and caramel aroma makes this an easy drinking beer.
ABV:5.8% IBU:20

Blockhouse Point Stout

Full bodied yet easy drinking stout, nice chocolate presence with a moderate roast paired with a residual sweetness.
ABV:5.2% IBU:25

Wilkins Honey Ale

All around easy drinking beer.  Great intro beer for craft beer novices, clean finishing and subdued. Try it on our Nitro tap.
ABV:4.6% IBU:20


(check above to see what is currently available)

Terra Mater Saison

A beautiful rose colored beer that is light and effervescent. We added the perfect amount of fresh grape must from The Urban Winery to lend a tart and sweet balance to the Saison’s malty and citrusy back bone!
ABV:5.2% IBU:30

Snakeden Saison

Clean finishing, bright straw colored beer. Subdued hop and sweet grain aroma, very easy drinking ale. Brewed with a French yeast which lends complex clove and bubblegum aromatics with a refreshing citrus finish.
ABV:5.6% IBU:25

Owen’s Ordinary Pale Ale

Medium bodied, predominantly citrus and some pine hop notes, clean finishing yeast is used. Stays true to the traditional style American Pale. Subtle aromatic component that compliments the smooth maltiness. Excellent intro beer for those new to craft beer, or great for people looking for a well-balanced pale ale.
ABV:4.5% IBU:30

Belgian Dubbel

A very smooth drinking Belgian style that is characterized by a big malt presence with a subdued spice and phenolic character with just a hint of bitterness.
ABV:8.7% IBU:25

Grand Ol’ Ditch Farmhouse Strong Ale

Brewed with traditional European malts combined with a Belgian style yeast to create this big, rustic style beer. Notes of caramel, brown sugar, and dried fruits.
ABV:8.2% IBU:25

Erin Go Brew Irish Red Ale

A deep crimson color and a smooth body best describes this Irish Red beer. Using a distinct combination of roasted malts and continental European malts, this beer is easy to drink and great for the turning of the season to spring!
ABV:5.5% IBU:18

Chocolate Imperial Stout

This big bodied imperial stout is made for those short days and long nights in the winter. A well rounded beer with a clean fermentation keeps this beer easy drinking at a high ABV. Chocolate and plum notes are present with a nice mild and earthy bitterness to complement the malty complexity.

Vanilla Imperial Stout

A super smooth Imperial Stout with a nice, subtle vanilla and chocolate profile. Aged in bourbon barrels, this beer is deep and complex with hints of bourbon but dominated by the chocolate and vanilla combination.