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— Currently On Tap —

Snakeden Saison • Bitch Monkey Sour • Scow Sail Cream Ale • Agave Ale • Surrender Dorothy RyePA • Devil’s Alley IPA • Potomac Fog NEIPA • Redland Lager • Erin Go Brew Irish Red Ale • Blockhouse Point Stout • BA Bourbon Bannockburn

Bring some friends for a pint or sample 5 in a flight. Or grab a 32 or 64 ounce growler to take home with you!

— Upcoming Brews —

 Mexican Lager • Imperial Saison • Vanilla Citrus Session


Surrender Dorothy Rye`PA

Medium bodied, red colored beer. Resinous hop aroma and flavor combined with the slight spice imparted by the rye make for a unique take on a hoppy beer. The result is a well balanced Rye Pale Ale. This is for hopheads and fans of bold beers.
ABV: 6.2%  IBU: 60

Snakeden Saison

Clean finishing, bright straw colored beer. Subdued hop and sweet grain aroma, very easy drinking ale. Brewed with a French yeast which lends complex clove and bubblegum aromatics with a refreshing citrus finish.
ABV: 6.4%  IBU: 20

Devil’s Alley IPA

Our core IPA is a generously hopped, highly aromatic dry IPA. Notes of citrus, pine and hints of pepper are present as well as a bitterness to compliment the full aroma.
ABV:7.0%  IBU:65

Redland Lager

This perfectly smooth Red Lager has a slightly earthy malt bill combined with floral and caramel aromas make this an easy drinking beer.
ABV: 6.1%  IBU: 20

Blockhouse Point Stout

Full bodied yet easy drinking stout, nice chocolate presence with a moderate roast paired with a residual sweetness.
ABV: 6.5%  IBU: 25


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Potomac Fog NEIPA

Creamy, cloudy, and juicy. This medium bodied IPA has a creamy body, and intense citrus aroma. Lactose in the boil, 1.5x dry hopped.
ABV: 6.2%  IBU: 60


Erin Go Brew Irish Red Ale

A deep crimson color and a smooth body best describes this Irish Red beer. Using a distinct combination of roasted malts and continental European malts, this beer is easy to drink and great for the turning of the season to spring.
ABV: 5.5%  IBU: 18


Reserve Series: BA Bourbon Bannockburn

Our traditional scotch ale aged in bourbon barrels to add an additional layer of complexity to this big, malty scotch ale. Big, malty, sweet-this beer is a wonderfully complex array of flavors.
ABV:9.2%  IBU:20